Number 6 Multi Purpose Berth

A concrete deck steel piled heavy duty berth designed for Ro-Ro, container, conventional and bulk cargoes.

Length 313.6 metres
Depth alongside 9 metres to 12.4 metres at L.A.T.
Height of deck above datum 5.5 metres
Wharf deck loading 3.23 tonnes per square metre and 5 tonnes per square metre.

Marshalling area 3.8 hectares
Rail access to ship’s side for full length of the berth.

(a) 50 tonnes portal electric travelling wharf crane equipped with spreaders and other equipment. Maximum outreach from wharf fenders 23.67 metres (40 tonnes) 14.53 metres (50 tonne).

(b) 40 tonne mobile harbour crane with standard capacity of 40 tonnes and heavy lift capacity of 100 tonnes.

Ro-Ro ramp 8.23 metres wide stern loading ramp with a capacity of 100 tonnes.
Transit sheds area 2,675 square metres
Reefer outlets 143